School Age

K - Gr 7

NEW Art with Mariana

Mariana  Frochtengarten is a textile artist, art teacher and Expressive Arts Therapist with over twenty years of experience. Mariana is a strong believer in the power of imagination and the freedom of creation.

Great Masters
Learn about artists from around the world that made significant contributions to Art History, and create projects based on these artists. We will explore their work and make connections between their art and the context where/when they lived, as well as the circumstances under which they were created. Each class will be dedicated to one artist and one project. Different media each week, including painting, pastel, collage, stamping and more.

K-Gr 7 Tu 4:00-5:00pm   #3039   Register

Apr 30 – Jun 18 8 classes
Member $120 / Regular $144

Lego® Mechanics & EV3 Robotics

Gr K-6
Younger students will be challenged with LEGO Technic, while students aged 7+ can choose between advanced LEGO Technic models or EV3 Mindstorms.

We 4:30-6:00pm   #3035   Register
May 1 – Jun 19 8 classes
Member $160/Regular $175

NEW! Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs

Lemonade Stand Kids Gr 2-4
Children are introduced to the building blocks of business in an engaging and easy to understand way. They work through the steps of starting their own micro-business while learning basic terms and concepts. The course ends in a Market Day, where the kids sell their products to real customers. These are BizKids in the making!
Th 4:30-5:45pm   #3036   Register

Kidpreneur Gr 5-7
Learning the essentials of starting a business: from how to spot an opportunity, decide on a product or service, to prototyping, marketing, customer service and the art of selling. All the basics are covered at a level 10-12 year olds can relate to. Soft skills emphasize perseverance, communication and leadership. Who said business is boring?!
Th 4:30-5:45pm   #3037   Register

Apr 4 – Jun 20 10 classes
Member $220/Regular $275
MARKET DAY June 20 4:30 – 6:30pm

Dungeons & Dragons Club

A roleplay game of telling a story through quests for treasures, battles and courtly intrigues. Dungeon Master: Liam Belson

We 4:00-5:30pm
Apr 3 – Jun 19    10 classes   #3213   Register

Tu 4:00-5:30pm
Apr 2 – Jun 18  10 classes   #3212   Register

Magic: The Gathering Club

Gr 3-7
Beginners and experienced players. Tournaments, deck building and chances to win cards. Includes latest set booster pack “War of the Spark”

Th 3:45-5:30pm
Apr 4 – Jun 20   10 classes   #3209   Register




Sportball Outdoor Soccer & T-Ball  Age 5-7
Location: Montgomery Park
Su 11:15am – 12:15pm   # 3061  Register
July 14 – Aug 18  5 classes

Brazilian Soccer

K-Gr 6
Join Coach Ariel Gitz in this special indoor soccer program. If you love the game and want to improve your skills this class if for you. We start with 15 min warm ups and the get the full gym for endless amazing play. This is a 75 min class

Th  4:15-5:30pm
Apr 4 – Jun 20   10 classes   #3055

Martial Arts: Krav Maga, Karate, Taekwondo

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RBL Basketball

League Gr 2-3 SU 9:00-10:15am
Skill Development Gr 2-3 SU 10:15-11:30am
Skill Development K-Gr 1 SU 11:30am-12:45pm
Skill Development overflow K-Gr 3 SU 12:45-2:00pm

To register contact Richard: 604.269.0221,


NEW Babysitting Club

For graduates of the JCC Babysitting/Home Alone Skills course. Our goal is to match babysitters with families in the community. The JCC will provide mentoring and connect you to your first job.
Contact Mirella Portenoy 604.257.5111 ext. 331;

Babysitting /Home Alone Skills  Age 11+

Taught by Community Care First Aid, this course is for babysitters and for those wanting to learn skills to be more comfortable staying home alone. NOTE: The lunch break is unsupervised; we encourage all participants to stay in the JCC. A note is required for kids to leave at lunch time.
SU 10:00am-5:00pm Jun 16   M$65/R$82   #3205   Register

BEIT-SEFER: Hebrew for Children

For English speakers
Children will learn and improve their Hebrew, and experience Israeli culture and Jewish holidays. Integrates family activities.

K-Gr 2 We 4:30-5:30pm   #1911
Gr 3-6 We 5:30-6:30pm   #1912
Apr 3 – Jun 26 12 classes
Member $168 / Regular $186

One-on-One After School Remedial Teaching

Gr 1-10
Language and math tutoring.1-hour slots
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Jan – Jun 2019
Member $55/Regular $60/class