Summer Dance Classes

Summer Dance Classes

Dena Wosk School of Performing Arts and Orr Vancouver Israeli Dance school are pleased to offer limited-capacity in-person dance classes for pre-teens and teens in our spacious JCC Wosk Auditorium!

Our beloved Erica McFarlane will be teaching Jazz and Hip Hop, and the accomplished international choreographer Marck Guttman will be teaching Israeli dance. See below for our rigorous health and safety guidelines.

JCC Wosk Auditorium will be divided into 12 ft. x 12 ft squares per dancer, to accommodate physical distancing even in motion.

Jazz pre-teens (ages 11-13) – #7991  Register
Instructor: Erica McFarlane
Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm
July 7 – Aug 11 – 6 classes
M: $72  R: $102

Hip Hop pre-teens (ages 11-13) – #7992   Register
Instructor: Erica McFarlane
Tuesdays   3:00-4:00pm
July 7 – Aug 11 – 6 classes
M: $72  R: $102

Israeli Dance for pre-teens and teens – #9750  Register
Instructor: Marck Guttman
Wednesdays   3:00-4:00pm
July 8 – Aug 12 – 6 classes
M: $72  R: $102

Jazz for teens (ages 13-17) – #7993   Register
Instructor: Erica McFarlane
Thursdays  1:30-3:00pm (90 min)
July 9 – Aug 13 – 6 classes
M: $99  R: $129

Hip Hop teens (ages 13-17) – #7994   Register
Instructor: Erica McFarlane
Thursdays   3:30-4:30pm
July 9 – Aug 13 – 6 classes
M: $72  R: $102

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I drop in for a dance class or do I need to register?
Registration is mandatory, there will be no drop-ins. The class will have a maximum of 15 participants composed of 1 Instructor and up to 14 dancers in the Wosk Auditorium. All dancers must be registered and their names submitted in advance to allow for entry into the building.
All dancers and both parents, if applicable, need to sign the release and waiver agreement .  This procedure needs to be done one time and the waiver will be emailed beforehand.

2. How will we ensure physical distancing during dance?
JCC Wosk Auditorium will be divided into 12 ft. x 12 ft squares per dancer, through the use of stage tape / floor markers. This size allows for physical distancing between dancers, even in motion.  The only people allowed in the room will be the dancers and their instructor- families are prohibited .

3. How will we enter the building? 
Dancers will be required to arrive 10 minutes prior to start of class to allow for adequate time to enter the building. They will line-up, answer the health questions, wash their hands, then proceed to the first doors of the Auditorium.

4. Can we get food and water?
No, dancers will be required to bring their own full water bottles to the class. There will be no snack breaks during this time.

5. Can parents watch the class?
No, parents who drop off / pick up their teens will be required to wait in their cars. All communication with their teens will be through use of personal cell phones.

6. How will the space be cleaned and sanitized? what products is the JCC using for this purpose?
At the end of each class, maintenance will clean the floor. 30 minutes will be allotted between groups to allow time for the scheduled maintenance. They will be wearing gloves when the cleaning and sanitization periods occur. At the end of each day, maintenance will go in for a deep clean of the room. The disinfectants used in the facility are Envirosolutions es64 and Eco lab general purpose disinfectant. Both are certified with health Canada to kill COVID.

7.  What washrooms will be available? 
Only the atrium washrooms will be available to the dancers.

8. Will the changerooms be available? 
No, at this time the changerooms will not be available.

9. What if I’m not feeling well?
Please stay home if you’re not feeling well, do not attend dance class.

10. Will there be first aid onsite? 
Yes, first aid will be onsite during opening hours

11. What about air quality? 
We will keep all Wosk Auditorium doors open will provide ample air flow,  based on guidelines set from Vancouver Coastal Health.

12. What if I see a participant not following the JCC physical distancing rules? 
Participants not following physical distancing rules will be asked to leave the J immediately. Please let staff know if dancers are not abiding by the rules.