Israeli Dance

Lior Haykeen, visiting choreographer

Lior Haykeen was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. She began her dance training at the age of four with classical ballet, jazz, lyrical ballet and modern dance. She started Israeli dancing at the age of 14, and hasn’t stopped folk dancing since. Now, after years of dancing at Keshet Chaim Dance Company in Los Angeles and teaching at a variety of Israeli dance events around the world, Lior devotes her free time to connecting children and young adults to Israel, Judaism and their Jewish community via Israeli music and dancing.

Lior will be working with the Orr Vancouver dancers and instructors throughout the year. She will also be conducting Israeli dance workshops at the JCC.

JCC Festival Ha'Rikud 2018

JCC Orr Vancouver troupes

Classes focus on Israeli dance and technique, with original choreography to be performed at Festival Ha’Rikud, May 12, 2019.  Classes are progressive and require a full year commitment.

Sundays, Sep 16, 2018 – May 6, 2019


Open to anyone interested in discovering Israeli dance.

Orr Ktanim  K-Gr 2

Su  3:15-4:00pm 9701

Orr HaTikvah  Gr 3-5 

Su  3:15-4:00pm 9702

Member: $180/Regular: $210

Costume Fee $50


Open to experienced dancers and offer performance opportunities around the Lower Mainland and Internationally.

By Audition: Th Sept 13, 4:00-5:00pm

Contact Anna Labadze, Performing Arts Coordinator:

Orr Atid Gr 6-8  

Su 4:00-6:00pm 9703

Member $475/ Regular $525

Costume Rental Fee $100

Orr Chadash  Gr 8-12

Su 5:30-8:00pm 9704

Member $475/ Regular $525

Costume Rental Fee $100



Classes provide an introduction to Israeli dance through recreational dances. Participants also work on original choreography to be performed at the annual Festival Ha’Rikud.

Dress Rehearsal at the JCC Friday May 10, 2019.
Festival Ha’rikud performances May 12, 2019.

Contact Performing Arts Coordinator 604.257.5127 or


Lunch Hour classes at Vancouver Talmud Torah

GR 1-2  Monday
GR 3-4 Tuesday
GR 5   Friday
GR 6-7 Wednesday

Price: $180 (full year)
Costume Fee: $50

Lunch Hour classes at Richmond Jewish Day School

GR 1-3 Tuesdays
GR 4    Wednesday
GR 5   Thursday
GR 6-7 Friday
Price: $25 (full year)
Costume Fee: $50

At Temple Sholom Synagogue

Sundays, 12:15-1:00pm
Price: $120 (full year)
Costume Fee: $50