To Inquire About Availability

The NRT team looks forward to welcoming your event to our venue. To inquire about availability, kindly complete the Form. We will be happy to respond to your request.


NRT Rental Rates

Regular Rate: $975.00 + GST per day

An additional charge of $275.00 + GST applies per second performance on the same day

Non-Profit Rate: $900.00 + GST per day

An additional charge of $225.00 + GST applies per second performance on the same day

Proof of provincial and/or federal non-profit status is required to access these rates

Reopening Rehearsal Rate: $675.00 + GST per day

Includes 8 hours of staff time during regular business hours with required one-hour break (theatre must be vacated).

As we transition into Phase 3 reopening, a special rate for rehearsal and/or video capture is available for a limited time. Half-day rates are also available.

Work lights or house lighting and sound preset may be used.

For more extensive use of technical equipment or extended hours, prior scheduling and approval is required and additional fees will apply.

Film/Video & Television Production Rates vary and are available upon request.

Weekly Rates: A 10% discount off the applicable rate will be applied to week-long bookings

Rental rates do not include staffing (required technicians and front of house personnel), additional staff as required, equipment rentals, and other fees.

Staffing, Equipment and Other Charges 

A minimum of two NRT technicians are required to be on site at all times during your booking. The NRT Technical Director will consult with you prior to your event to review your event and technical needs, and will provide a detailed questionnaire to help collect this information. Following this consultation, an approved schedule and estimate of costs will be provided.

A NRT Front of House Manager is required for all performances. Front of House staff is responsible for the safety and comfort of patrons in the venue and will provide guidance regarding the facilities, procedures, and safety protocols.

Four ushers must be provided by the rental client to check tickets, guide attendees to their seats, hand out programs, and other safety related duties. NRT reserves the right to staff up to two ushers and include these staffing charges on the final invoice. Please note that security staff may be required for events on Shabbat and holidays on which the JCC is closed at an additional charge.

Staffing Charges:

4 hour minimums apply to all staff positions. Overtime rates are charged after 8 hours of work at 1.5 times regular rates, and after 12 hours at 2 times regular rates.

Technical Crew: $31.50 + GST per hour

Front of House Staff & Ushers: $23.00 + GST per hour

Security Staff: $23.00 + GST per hour

Venue Improvement Fee: All events are subject to Venue Improvement Fee (VIF) charges of $1.50 per ticket sold and $1.00 per attendee for non-ticketed or free-of-charge events. 18 tickets per show are exempt from Venue Improvement Fees. VIF charges are subject to GST. Before the end of your event, NRT staff will verify the ticket sales and attendance counts to calculate the final VIF.

Hydro Surcharge: A Hydro Surcharge of 3% of your theatre rent will be charged on the final invoice.

Additional Equipment, per day:

NRT rental clients have access to all technical equipment at the venue. Certain specialized equipment is provided at an additional charge per day. GST will be applied to all prices. [price list can be PDF document]

  • Steinway Grand Piano, including tuning $225.00
    (6 1⁄2 Foot 3⁄4 Steinway Grand ‘A’)
  • Additional piano tuning $150.00
  • Internet connection for web broadcast $250.00
    (advance notice and testing required)
  • Marley dance floor & tape $60.00
  • Acoustic shell $105.00
  • HDF-50 Diffusion Hazer $55.00
    (use of haze, fog, and smoke effects requires advance approval by NRT staff)
  • Wireless microphones, each $55.00
    (6 mics are available on site)
  • Risers, each $8.00
  • Audio Recording $25.00
    (includes one CD. Each additional disc $1)
  • Video Projector $270.00
  • Replacement tape kit $50.00
    (Applies if NRT tape kit is missing after rental)

Technical Specifications

Seating, stage, lobby plans, tech specs – details coming up.


Q: When will I be billed?

A: A rent and security deposit is due upon signing your contract. Your booking is not confirmed until a signed contract and nonrefundable rent payment are provided. Your staffing, fees, and equipment costs will be estimated and invoiced prior to your event. Following your event, a final account reconciliation will be provided.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Rescheduling is permitted only within the current NRT fiscal year, which runs from September 1 to August 31. In the event NRT can accommodate a rescheduling, a $50.00 first reschedule administrative fee will be charged. Each subsequent rescheduling of the rental will be subject to an additional administration fee of $100.00 per instance.

In the event of cancellations made more than six months prior to the first day of the rental period, NRT will refund any rental fees already paid and the security deposit, less an administrative fee of 10% of the total rental fee due. In the event of a cancellation made less than six months prior to the first day of the rental period, Renter shall be responsible for the full amount of the rental fee and any labour (technician and front of house/security) shifts cancelled with less than one week’s notice. NRT will apply the security deposit against the full balance due.

Q: Do I need to provide insurance?

A: A Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the NRT prior to your event showing coverage of $2,000,000. If you do not have your own policy the NRT can provide you coverage in conjunction with Westland Insurance at a rate of $75 + GST per day. If no proof of insurance is provided prior to your event you will automatically be charged the NRT Insurance on your final invoice.

Q: Do you allow renters to run a concession and sell merchandise?

A: NRT reserves the right to operate a concession in the venue. Rental clients may apply to run a concession service or host a lobby reception and advance approval is required. All food must be vegetarian and must stay within the NRT venue area. Additional cleaning charges may apply. If you are selling alcohol you are responsible to obtain and comply with a special event permit which must be filed with the NRT in advance of your event. The NRT has a bar with a refrigerator, but does not stock consumables, supplies, or ice for client use. The only food that may be consumed in the venue is that sold at the concession.

There is a 15% commission on merchandise such as CDs and T-shirts sold in the NRT lobby. The NRT does not provide staff for client merchandise or concession operations.

Q: Is parking available?

A: There is a large, well-lit pay-parking lot located on the east side of the building as well as ample free street parking around the facility. Please advise ahead of time if special parking is required for deliveries and pickups. We are also a convenient 10 minute walk from the Oakridge Skytrain station.