Rates for Zoom Classes for Non-members:

A purchase can be made by using this link, if you have any questions or problems please email booking@jccgv.bc.ca or contact the Member and Guest Services at 604-257-5111.

Gentle Zoom Fitness Classes: 

Chair Fit – Drop-in,  $7
Chair Fit 10 Class Pass,  $60

Gentle Fitness (Gentle Yoga/ Gentle Fitness) – Drop-in $7
Gentle Fitness Class 10 Pass – $60

Zumba Gold – Drop-in, $7
Zumba Gold Class 10 Pass –  $60

Regular Zoom Fitness/Yoga/Zumba Classes:

Regular Fitness & Yoga Drop-in  $13

Regular Fitness & Yoga 10 Class Pass $120


How do I purchase a session or pass?
Please complete the form using this link prior to joining a class.

What if I attend different classes, do I need a pass for each class?
One 10-pass can be used for different classes of the same rate, we just suggest you purchase the pass you will use most often

Who keeps track of the usage?
We ask that YOU keep track of how many sessions and purchase again when you need another, yes, it’s a bit of an honor system .  ( we can also check the auto reports that ZOOM creates if necessary).  We will be adding a “Registration” feature to the zoom classes, this is a quick and easy 3-Question form to fill prior to entering the class.  During the “Registration” you will be asked how many classes you have used from your pass.

Are passes refundable? 
No, passes are not refundable.

Do passes expire?
Yes, passes are good for 3 months from purchase date.

Will I receive a Pass?
No, this is a Virtual Pass… However you will receive a receipt via email after your purchase.  please use this to keep track of your classes.