We are pleased to welcome Moy Covalin to our team as the new Artistic Director of the JCC Israeli Dance School, and a Dance Fitness leader.


Moy is an accomplished choreographer and dancer with over 20 years of experience, and comes to Vancouver from Mexico City. Moy has big plans for the JCC Israeli Dance School, and will also be introducing a series of trendy dance-inspired fitness classes this fall.

JCC staff recently interviewed Moy, and we are sharing his answers:


Q. Why did you choose Vancouver?

A. Well, there are several reasons that brought me here.  I’ve always dreamt of living in a place that has the best of both the city and nature. Vancouver was the first city I visited outside of Mexico, and I fell in love instantly.

Some other reasons are the cultural diversity that’s in Canada’s DNA, the adventure and the experience of living outside of my birth country, the expansion of my professional projects internationally, and being part of this great community.


Q. How did dance influence your life?

A. Dance has always been a part of my life.

Even before I started walking, I used to hold on to the furniture and dance when the music played. Dance is my space for personal growth and self-expression, a place to meet new people (many of whom became close friends), an activity that becomes like a meditation that keeps me balanced and in a state of joy.

Dance has been a vehicle to share with others, to help them connect with their inner beauty, strengths and essence.


Q. What impact would you like to have on the Israeli Dance community in Vancouver?

A. I would like to help the Israeli Dance community to grow, to bring new talent and create a space for artistic expression. A space where Israeli dance is renewed, refreshed, and enjoyed by  people of all ages.

I would like to bring my professional dance and choreographic background to grow the JCC Israeli Dance School and the Festival to engage more people as performers and as spectators.


Q. What are Sandança and Ethnofit?

A. Ethnofit and Sandança, are disciplines that I created to bring more people into the transformative experience of dance.

Ethnofit combines ethnic dances to different rhythms from all over the world in a cardio workout. Here, the benefits of active lifestyle come together with the passion for dance.

In Sandança the world music is expressed through contemporary and classical body language. It provides a complete workout based on art and body expression.


Q. Who should join?

A. The classes are developed for everyone. They can be adapted to any fitness and dance level.

I look forward to seeing you in my class!

Moy will be offering free trial classes to get acquainted with the Vancouver community