Summer classes with award-winning, multi-black belt instructors JAMES CHARTIER and LOUISA WEIZMANN

YOUTH Krav Maga

Age 8-14
Build confidence, keep fit and bully proof with the most effective self-defense program available! For all physical abilities. Kids learn realistic street safety, escapes, effective self-defense in a fun and cooperative environment. No uniform costs.
Tu 6:00-7:00pm
Jul 2 – Aug 13 7 classes   # 3204   Register

YOUTH Krav Maga Summer Camp

Age 8-14
Bully proofing, escapes, rolls, strikes, weapons safety, pad hitting, break falls, games and more! Inside and Outside camp fun.
Location: JCC MMA Studio
Aug 12-16 9:00am-12:00pm
M$200/R$225  #3571  Register



Age 15+
Multi-black belt instructors (female and male) empower students with realistic self-defense, street safety, escapes, striking, multi-attacker, weapons and more in this fun and safe class.
Tu 7:15–8:15pm
Jul 2 – Aug 13 7 classes   # 3700   Register