Alone in the Desert : Online Israeli Music Series

Wednesdays at 10:00am PST Free. Register here

March 17 – Jewish-Israeli Fusion
Israel is known as a melting pot for Jews from different backgrounds, ethnicities and observances. When it comes to Jewish Pop Music (yes, it’s a thing), this melting pot creates a very interesting soundtrack.

April 28 – I’m Not a Toy!
The Israeli female pop musicians have something to say, and they say it loud! Discover the new voices of Israeli young women and the messages they deliver.

May 26 – Everything is Political
Israelis love to say what’s on their mind, straight to your face. Especially when it comes to politics. Israeli music is no different. Listen to how through fun beats and melodies, the Israeli complex political reality lies.

Developed and sponsored by The Department of Irgoon and Israelis Abroad of The World Zionist Organization & The Canadian Zionist Federation