Program Highlight – “Art Hive”

The Inclusion department’s Art Hive, our free low barrier art program for adults with barriers has been running classes in person and through Zoom.

Recently we worked with artist Wendy Oberlander to explore the theme of light in celebration of Hanukkah through a stop motion zoom studio workshop. Wendy compiled all of the work and the groups’ ideas to create a short stop-motion video called the “Festival of Lights”.

Watch Video


The JCC movement understands and defines inclusion as a set of practices, rooted in the belief of the inherent dignity and worth of the individual, designed to yield a culture in which everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and heard.

Vision of Inclusion

The JCC Inclusion Services recognizes that diverse needs come in various forms: physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. We seek to include all members within our diverse community from preschool to seniors. We are committed to a community where all individuals are valued for who they are and the gifts they possess. We believe in giving everyone their opportunity to shine.

Inclusion Services reflects the values of Jewish Life:

  • Derech Eretz – respectful behavior
  • Chesed – compassion
  • K’vod Habriot – encouraging dignity for all
  • Tikkun Olam  – repairing the world, making it a more connected place

Mission: Removing Barriers and Creating Choice 

The JCC Inclusion Services has a mission to educate, engage, train and support members with diverse needs and their families in our community. 

  • Educate through parent, youth and family education programs
  • Engage through adapting the physical, attitudinal, conversational and social environment so that all members may participate on an equal basis
  • Train through vocational, educational and social programs
  • Support through mentorship, social participation, recreational activities, advocacy, integration.

JCC Inclusion Services is grateful for the support of the Diamond Foundation, Betty Averbach Foundation, Jewish Community Foundation, Heller Memorial Fund and the Jewish Federation.