Imagine the JCC with outdoor gathering spaces for all ages and abilities

Imagine the parking lot (east) side of the building with more room for outside conversations in new patio spaces. Imagine beautification of the trash and recycling area, which is actually an entrance for some children into programs. Imagine more attention given to tucking away maintenance items and to make space to meet and laugh and wait outside the JCC, alongside the building rather than on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.

Imagine improving the laneway access to the ECE Daycare to be more inviting. Imagine a friendly space where people can safely gather and make personal connections outside the preschool, or where birthday parties could take place. Imagine durable flooring, wipeable picnic tables and a clear-paneled undercover area, as well as a handwashing station, overlooking a mural on the retaining wall.

Imagine attending classes and programs in a secure, covered outdoor patio area with open sides and durable flooring, that can be used even on rainy days. Imagine physical activities, children’s programs, adults gathering and connecting in this new space overlooking the children’s playscapes.

Can you imagine?
The JCC would like to pursue a grant for these projects entitled “Coming Together: Outdoor Gathering Spaces for All Ages and Abilities”.

We are seeking volunteers for a 3-month commitment to serve on a Visioning Advisory Task Force. Help us conceptualize how these spaces can be improved and used. Bring your creativity and flexible thinking to help the J expand and enhance our services to the community!

Contact Debbie Setton Tabenkin at  or attend an information session over zoom. Details will be provided.