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How to Book Your Class or Session


Step by Step Instructions on Booking Your Class or Session at the JCC

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  • Booking is mandatory.
  • Booking is available 72 hours in advance.
  • Same day bookings can be made, space permitting.
  • To attend more than one session in a day, please inquire at the member desk at the beginning of your second session
  • No guest passes are available at this time.
  • Non-members may book and purchase select fitness classes starting 24hrs prior to class time.

Booking sessions for those under 19 years old:


  • Log in before you begin
  • Consider using the “Selected Criteria” options at the top of the booking page to filter the information. (after making a selection press the “SEARCH” button).
  • Switching between “calendar view” and “list view” may also help your search.