Registered Programs

NEW Ethnofit®

ETHNOFIT® brings together rhythm and motion into a joyful workout experience unlike any other. The diversity of ethnic dances and wide variety of movements result in an extensive head-to-toe workout. As we focus on art, the body and soul are nourished. All fitness and dance levels welcome. Register for a session or drop-in: M$14/R$18
Instructor: Moy Covalin

Please RSVP to:
Tu Sep 17 7:30am

Th Sep 19 6:30am
Th Sep 19 9:15am
Su Sep 22 11:45am

Su 11:45am-12:45pm #8260  Register
Sep 22-Dec 15 13 classes
Member $104 / Regular $182

Tu 7:30-8:30am #8261  Register
Sep 24-Dec 17 10 classes
Member $80 / Regular $140

Th 6:30-7:30am #8262  Register
Sep 26-Dec 19 13 classes
Member $104 / Regular $182

Th 9:15-10:15am #8263  Register
Sep 26-Dec 19 13 classes
Member $104 / Regular $182

NEW Strength and Conditioning

Perfect for athletes, sports junkies or those looking for a intense full-body workout.
Instructor: Sue Conder
Th    10:30-11:30am   #8286  Register
Sep 12 – Dec 12  12 classes
Drop-in: M$14/R$20


Tone and strengthen your arms, legs and core in a traditional Pilates class.
Instructor: Camila Santos
We    9:15-10:15am  #8291  Register
Sep 11 – Dec 18 14 classes
Drop-in: M$14/R$20


Learn how to re-train your brain and refine your movement habits. You will see improvement in overall function, increased flexibility and learn how to move without pain.
Instructor: Vita Kolodny, RN, MSc(A), Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
We    10:30-11:30am  #8252  Register
Sep 11 – Dec 18 13 classes
M$117 /R$195
Drop-in: M$12/R$20
No class: Nov 20


Combines the benefits of Yoga and Pilates, integrating classical Pilates mat work with the therapeutic practice of Vinyasa Yoga.
Instructor: Sue Conder
Mo 9:15- 10:15am  #8290  Register
Sep 9 – Dec 16   10 classes
Drop-in: M$14/R$20


Register to reserve your spot.
Drop-in: 45min class:  M$9/R$16. 1-hr: M$12/R$18 (subject to availability).

Instructor: Natalia Orekhova
Tu    9:15-10:15am Sep 10 – Dec 17  12 classes
M$96/R$192    #8298  Register

Instructor: Alexandra Millman
Fr    9:15-10:15am Sep 13 – Dec 6   13 classes
M$104/R$208    #8282  Register