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Win a PRIZE while doing what’s best for your body!

Calling all Virtual Fitness Members!
The JCC Fitness team is here to encourage and reward you for attending our virtual Fitness classes.  We know it’s hard to not have in-person group activities;  to help you keep up the good work and stay motivated we have designed a fun and interactive fitness BINGO challenge.


STEP 1: Download the pdf file of the BINGO card and start doing the activities until you complete BINGO

STEP 2 (option 1): Complete 1- full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line

STEP 2 (option 2): Complete the entire card

STEP 3: Send videos and/or pictures to validate your completed activity to

Please email Camila prior to beginning to let her know you are joining the challenge.  JCC Members only.

What’s in it for me?

Every time you complete a line or finish the whole card you earn an entry into a draw for the following prizes:

If you finished 1- horizontal/ vertical/ diagonal line:

You will be entered to win a Exercise Band Workout Set

If you finished the whole card:

You will be entered to win 1×55 Personal Training session with a trainer of your choice (virtual or in-person)