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JCC Israeli Dance Program

The JCC has an extensive Israeli Dance program running from September- May. This includes both youth and performance groups.

Youth Groups meet once a week for an hour. They perform at the Festival Ha'Rikud Annual Youth Show at the end of the year (sometime in May).

Or K'Tanim- Kindergarten- Gr.1
Or Yeladim- Gr. 2-Gr.3
Or Samaech- Gr. 4-5
Or Hatikvah- Gr. 6-7

Performance Groups meet once a week for 2-3 hours. They perform at various venues and events throughout the year including the Chutzpah! Festival, Yom Ha'atzmahut, Festival Ha'Rikud Gala and Youth Show.They also have the opportunity to perform internationally and visit other Israeli Dance Festival's around the world. In past year we have visited- Israel and Miami.

Vancouver JCC currently has three performance groups:

JCC Or Atid – Gr. 7-9
JCC Or Chadash – Gr. 9-12
JCC Shalom Dancers – 12+- young adults

The groups highlights include:


Our dancers are available to perform at community events and celebrations. To book a performance contact  or phone  604-257-5111 ext 242

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