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Portraits of Legendary Entertainers  REGISTER NOW  

Instructor Neil Ritchie will illustrate with music and video clips.
NEW DAY May 6 - Michael Buble
This Burnaby-born singer is proving that he's going to be around for the long haul singing with confidence and musicality and no longer just another Sinatra clone.
May 13 - Renee Fleming
The American soprano who seems to have it all.  Choosing her roles carefully on and off stage, singing only roles that suit her sublime voice and having time to raise her daughters.
NEW DAY May 20 - Hermes Pan
The Hollywood choreographer best known for his dance routines for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers but was equally creative with Ann Miller and Shirley MacLaine.  He also staged memorable scenes in the film My Fair Lady and Cleopatra.
May 27 - Irving Berlin
Composer and lyricist Berlin wrote countless standards and was an acute businessman who pioneered royalty schemes that made songwriting the most lucrative part of show business.
We    12:00-2:00pm       6077
    May 6-May 27
Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst
Drop in: M $15 + gst/R $18.75 + gst 

Computer classes for seniors

A hands-on program, lead by our fabulous volunteers, Barbara Freedman and Stan Goldman, seniors like yourself, giving step-by-step instructions in a low-stress, self-paced environment. A bissel effort for lots of reward!

NEW Android Touchscreen Tablet  
Learn to use the tablet’s camera, browser, email, touchscreen keyboard, e-books, games and other applications (apps). No prior knowledge needed. If you do not have an android and would like to try it, we will provide you one to use during the lessons.
Tu & Th   10:00–11:30am
Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst  

If you’ve never used a computer, the iPad is for you! We have iPads available to practice with in class.  Instructor: Barbara Freedman
4 classes
Member Value Price: $60 + gst   Regular Price: $75 + gst
Single lessons  
Member Value Price: $25 + gst  
Regular Price: $30 + gst
Due to the high number of requests, please contact Leah at 604.638.7283 to arrange a time.   

102 Better than Beginners
Learn to send and retrieve photos sent by email. Save photos and learn how to search for them. Create documents, save them and learn the basics about files. Instructor: Stan Goldman

This project was developed with funding from the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Initiative