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Instructor:  Neil Ritchie, will illustrate each session with music.

April 23:  The big band era produced many of the great singers of the century.  Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra Anita O'Day & Joe Williams.
April 30:  Two English superstars.  Ivor Novello was the Richard Rodgers of his day deemed the Handsomest man in England.  Freddie Mercury was a talented rock star whose talent caught the ear of soprano Montserrat Caballe.
May 7:  Johnny Mercer was a popular singer who wrote enduring lyrics with some of tin pan alleys greatest songsmiths.
May 14:  Luciano Pavarotti had a voice and personality that appeared to peope who had never set foot in an opera house.
NEW DAY We    12:00pm-2:00pm         6077     
Apr 23-May 14 (4 classes)
Member Value Price: $60.00 + gst
Regular Price: $75.00 + gst  
Drop-in: $15/$18.75 + gst

Sinai:  The Power, The Glory, The Pathos  
Stephen Schecter continues his exploration of the Bible as literature by looking at the events of the Five Books of Moses, a tale of ten commandments, smoke and mirrors, sin and literary brilliance; in short, the Jewish people and our G-d in all our finery, told, as usual, with humour and irony.
• At the foot of the Mountain
• Moses at Home Depot
• Trouble back at the ranch
We    12:00-2:00pm         6078     
    Jun 11-Jun 25 (3 classes)
Member Value Price: $45 + gst
Regular Price: $56 + gst
Drop-in: $15/$18.75 + gst 


A hands-on program, lead by our fabulous volunteers, Barbara Freedman and Stan Goldman,
seniors like yourself, giving step-by-step instructions in a low-stress, self-paced environment. A bissel effort for lots of reward!
(6 lessons, supplies extra)
1) Learn how to download, view and sort your pics on the computer.
2) Use a simple free program called Picasa to correct any mistakes in your photo. Trim and crop to include only the best part
3) Print it on photographic paper with our in-house color printer
4) Download, save and email photos
5) Make a slideshow of photos Instructor: Stan Goldman
Tu and Thu May 8-May 27
10:00–11:30am 6075
Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst  

If you have never used a computer, the IPAD is for you! Instructor: Barbara Freedman
10:30am-12:00pm          (4 classes)
Mo/Th  Mar 3-13  6080 6081
Mo/Th  Mar 17-Mar 27   
Mo/Th  May 5-May 15
Member Value Price: $40 + gst  
Regular Price: $50 + gst
More class dates to be found in the senior’s newsletter
Single IPAD lessons - contact Leah
Member Value Price: $15 + gst  
Regular Price: $20 + gst

102 BETTER THAN BEGINNERS  (3 classes)
Learn how to send and retrieve photos that others send us by email. Save photos and learn how to search for them. Create documents, save them and learn the basics about files. Instructor: Stan Goldman
Apr 29, May 1, May 6
10:00–11:30am 6074
Member Value Price: $40 + gst
Regular Price: $45 + gst

This project was developed with funding from the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Initiative

Leah Deslauriers
Seniors' Program Coordinator
(604) 257-5111 ext. 208