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Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Learn to put your thoughts and memories on paper with with award-winning author Lillian Boraks-Nemetz.

Lillian Boraks­Nemetz was born in Warsaw, Poland, where she survived the Holocaust as a child. She was incarcerated in the Warsaw Ghetto for eighteen months, then hidden in Polish villages for the remainder of the war, under a false identity. She is an author of the award-winning Old Brown Suitcase and the sequels, The Sunflower Diary and the Lenski File. She is the co author of a prize-winning anthology, Tapestry of Hope. Boraks ­Nemetz has written two books of poetry, Garden of Steel and Ghost Children. She has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of British Columbia where she is teaching Creative Writing. She has just completed an adult novel.

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Join us in welcoming our new library technician, Erica Pezim. Erica is a graduate of the Langara Library and Information Technology program, and works full-time at the Waldman Library effective immediately. Erica is calm, friendly, and competent, and has already impressed staff and volunteers with her willingness to become part of the team. Go Erica!

by Sean Michaels

In a finely woven series of flashbacks and correspondence, Lev Termen, the Russian scientist, inventor, and spy, tells the story of his life to his “one true love,” Clara Rockmore, the finest theremin player in the world. In the first half of the book, we learn of Termen’s early days as a scientist in Leningrad during the Bolshevik Revolution, the acclaim he receives as the inventor of the theremin, and his arrival in 1930s New York under the sponsorship of the Russian state, to whom he must maintain allegiance. There he teaches the theremin to eager  students and markets his inventions to American companies. In the second half, the novel builds to a crescendo as Termen returns to Russia, where he is imprisoned in a Siberian gulag and later brought to a Moscow prison. Throughout all this, his love for Clara remains constant and unflagging.

The book is steeped in beauty, wonder, and heartbreak; it is a novel of epic proportions and beautiful imagery, depicting a proud Russian scientist who is swept away by American decadence, and for this, is made to pay an enormous debt to his beloved Russia.

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