Joint Community Message

Joint Community Message
Jewish Community Centre and Louis Brier Home & Hospital

February 22, 2018

Although many Jewish organizations are challenged with their buildings and facilities The Jewish Community Centre and The Louis Brier Home & Hospital have pressing needs and aged infrastructures. Both organizations are at a crossroads in planning for development with an eye to the future.

Through the past two years, discussions on the needs of both organizations have prompted a concentrated exploration of possible synergies in a potential joint development. To that end both the JCC and the Louis Brier have consulted professionals as well as tapped experts in our community to explore the possibilities.

As a result of looking at options available in a number of scenarios both organizations have come to the conclusion that separate developments will serve each of these critical community service providers and the entire Jewish Community better in the long run. It was not an easy decision as the idea of a multi-generational Campus is appealing.

What is paramount is that the new facilities built as the new JCC and the new Louis Brier both work not only on the day they open, but can grow and evolve with the changing communities they serve. Having separate facilities allows both organizations the scope to pursue their best outcomes in the development phase and through their operations. We believe the entire community will benefit from the decision that Louis Brier and the JCC will develop independent complexes.
We wish to thank all who have been involved in the joint envisioning and planning, and assure them that many of the ideas generated will be part of the Louis Brier and JCC facilities.

With the massive Cambie Corridor rebuilding we know that there are huge opportunities for The Jewish Community Centre and the Louis Brier to not only replace and expand their facilities but to augment their roles as major components of the heart and soul of the Greater Vancouver Jewish Community for many more generations. 

Salomon Casseres

President, Jewish Community Centre

Ron Rozen

Chair, Louis Brier Home & Hospital