JCC Showtime


JCC SHOWTIME entertainment group is an out-reach program from the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre. The show is made up of song and dance items from ‘the good old days’ and the performers aim to bring joy to their senior audiences as they take a trip down memory lane. Attention to detail in costumes and choice of music assures a performance of high standard.

The project was started by BERYL ISRAEL who has over 25 years experience working with similar programs in South Africa. When she arrived in Vancouver in July 2002 it was her dream to continue this work, something made possible by the commitment of a group of dedicated amateur performers. Members of JCC SHOWTIME willingly give of their talents and time in order to spread happiness in a caring and fun-filled way.

JCC SHOWTIME has been well received by many audiences and as its popularity grows it has become necessary to reserve performance dates several months in advance.

If you are interested in JCC SHOWTIME and for further information please contact Leah Deslauriers at (604) 257 5111 ext. 208; leah@jccgv.bc.ca

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