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 See and feel the difference training with an expert makes.

  • Assessment of your level
  • Set SMART goals
  • Safe & effective program design
  • Evaluate your strategy
  • Continuous progression
  • Celebrate success!

We will help you ask the right questions, explore your goals further, help plan your fitness schedule and match you to a personal trainer who fits your goals, personality and schedule.
FREE Getting started consultation
15 min, in person or by phone. Call or email shari@jccgv.bc.ca


Full (55 min)      M$63    N$81      
Express (30 min)      M$37    N$55 

Full (55 min)      M$37    N$55      
Express (30 min)      M$24    N$42

Full (55 min) 
3 participants      M$28    N$46      
4 participants       M$24    N$42
Express (30 min)
3 participants      M$22    N$32      
4 participants       M$20    M$30

ASSESSMENTS (include full color analysis reports)
Health & Fitness         $149
Reassessment         $99
Posture Analysis         $74
FMS (Functional Movement Screen)                $74 
Touchpoint  (Body composition)            $20

Price is per person per session. Applicable taxes will be added.
Bonus: Get a Free Touchpoint body composition assessment when you purchase a 12-pack of any session.

Looking for a group? Let us know, we’ll help find one for you!
shari@jccgv.bc.ca 604-257-5111 ext. 214


Unique sessions delivered by trainers with advanced skills and certification.  
30 or 55-min private or partner sessions:
    • just stretch
    • pre and post natal
    • boxing workout
    • TaeKwonDo
    • kettlebell basics
    • MMA style workout
    • suspension training workout
    • kickboxing workout
    • posture correction plan
    • connect to your core
    • NEW Melt Method Hand and Foot  


Get in peak physical shape before you break out your shorts and tank top! Get nutritional advice plus 1 personal training session/week for a month to help you make a smart start and keep on track.

1 x 55-min nutrition consultation + 1 x 30-min follow-up
4 x 55-min training sessions
Package: $299 (Reg. $352, save $53)
Available until Aug 31, 2014. Can only be purchased once. JCC members only.

As seen on Dr. Oz and featured in the best-selling book. Learn how to do the MELT Method hand and foot treatment, a simple self-treatment technique to help prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging.  
30-min. Private or Partner sessions.
MELT equipment provided 

NEW FIT START just for teens
Just launched at the JCC. The 8-session mentorship program empowers youth (12-17) with the knowledge and tools to lead a physically active lifestyle. Created especially for youth who want to be more active but do not enjoy dance or sports. 8 X 55 min sessions with a certified FitStart Personal Trainer.
Member Value Price: $299
Regular Price: $389
Pick up a brochure in the fitness centre. Scholarship available. Ask for details.
With generous suppport from the Jewish Community Foundation Grant.

Establish your starting point and set smarter goals!

TOUCHPOINT Body Fat Assessment
A quick and simple assessment to make sure your training strategy is progressing you closer to your ultimate health & weight loss goals. We measure: body fat %, skinfolds, girths, Body Mass Index, % Body water, and waist-to hip-ratio.
$20 Incl. a colour analysis report. Free w/purchase of 12-pack of PT sessions.

A quick, simple and non-invasive assessment that provides a surprisingly detailed amount of information about your body’s image, health and performance.

-Restore ideal alignment
-Prevent wear and tear on your joints
-Appear leaner, taller & more athletic
-Flatten your stomach
-Eliminate aches and pains
-Improve energy

What you will learn from your assessment
-If you have any muscle asymmetries? (ie: one shoulder or hip higher than the other)
-If you have anterior head carriage (Head forward posture)
-If you have a leg length discrepancy
-If you have excessive spinal curves
-Much more!

$74 M / $96 NM
Schedule your 30-minute posture session through the Fitness Centre Attendant

Applicable taxes will be added. Please submit a completed New Client Package prior to your first session.

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Meet your JCC Personal Training Team

Fitness Centre
(604) 257-5111 ext. 214
Shari Feuz
Acting Fitness Director
(604) 257-5111 ext. 237


Shari Feuz
With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, my passion is guiding people to lead their best lives through fitness. more...

Amity Monforton
Amity spent nearly 12 years with the Canadian Forces during which time she taught military basic training for 8 years and also spent nearly 4 years teaching group fitness. more...

Lorenzo PanhlĂșa
In addition to having 10 years of weight training experience, Lorenzo has worked as a professional chef for 16 years. Lorenzo focuses on proper exercise techniques, posture and alignment. more...

ImageAlexei Orekhov
Alexei has over 20 years of experience in martial arts. He is an Olympic Taekwondo coach. more... 

ImageCatherine D’Aoust
A sought- after trainer for business executives and community based participants. more... 

ImageElizabeth Roy
Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, who has worked in the U.K. and Canada. more...

ImageMelanie Galloway
Melanie has been working with the older or “challenged” population for over 15 years. more...

ImageMeghan O'Connell
I finally found "my" sport in 2000, and it turned out to be boxing. After six years of competing, I began coaching. more... 

ImageRocio Kriwoy
Rocio has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and is passionate about helping individuals reach their goals. more...

imageNatalia Orekhova Natalia holds a black belt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo and has more than 10 years of experience working with a variety of clients from elite athletes to pre & postnatal women. more...

Bar Laniado 
With a degree in Health Sciences and a recent Fitness competition under her belt, Bar understands both training discipline and nutrition best practices. She can help you make efficient and lasting health and physique changes. more...

Sergey Kim
With a black belt in TaeKwondo and a Certificate in Personal Training Sergey Kim can literally kick your butt into shape. Enjoy high energy, fun workouts that burn calories, improve your athleticism and shape your physique.  more...