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Adult Group Lessons
These one-hour small group lessons offer an opportunity for beginners to learn the fundamentals. Our qualified instructors will work with you to overcome any apprehension about swimming. Progress at your own pace and focus on the strokes you want to learn!
Mo    11:00am-12:00pm    8599
    Mar 23–Jun 15 (10 classes)
    no class Apr 6, May 18, 25
Member Value Price $135 + gst
Regular Price: $162 + gst

Seahiker Program  Register Now 

Easy Laps Swim Pod Level 2                 
For anyone who can swim 25m and wants to build distances of 50-100m. We will focus on creating graceful, efficient laps. Incl. online practice guide, video analysis and 1-on-1 coach feedback. Learn to enjoy swimming again!
Mo    6:45-7:45pm    8500    
    Mar 23–May 11  (7 classes)
    no class Apr 6
Member Value Price $177 + gst
Regular Price: $187 + gst
Free Trial Class: Mar 16

Efficiency Swim Pod Level 3                 
An excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into triathlon, fitness swimming or Masters workouts with confidence in your stroke mechanics and endurance. Course includes video analysis, 1-on-1 coach feedback, and supplemental practice guide.
Tu    7:45-8:45pm    8502    
    Mar 24–May 12  (8 classes)
Member Value Price $197 + gst
Regular Price: $207 + gst
Free Trial Class: Mar 17

Triathlon Swim Pod Level 4       
See concrete improvements in your swim times and/or efficiency in only 7 weeks. You should be comfortable swimming intervals of 100-200m at a relaxed pace. Course includes video analysis and supplemental practices to guide you during and after the course.
We    6:45-7:45pm    8504
    Mar 25–May 13  (8 classes)
Member Value Price $197 + gst
Regular Price: $207 + gst
Free Trial Class: Mar 18

Challenge Swim Pod Level 5                 
Achieve a whole new level of swimming performance. Your coach will take you through swimming sets that will prepare you to rock any speed or endurance challenge. Sets include Skill Interval Sets (SIS), conditioning, Tempo Trainer and Critical Speed Sets (CSS). Should be able to swim 100m in about 2 min.  
Th    7:45-8:45pm    8505
    Mar 26–May 14  (7 classes)
    no class Apr 6
Member Value Price $177 + gst
Regular Price: $187 + gst
Free Trial Class: Mar 19


Private and Semi-private lesson
Private lessons are one-to-one. Semi-private are for two students of similar ability (both provided by the customer). Lessons are 30 minutes.
Register at the front desk.
Member Value Price: $26
Regular Price: $35
Semi-private (each)
Member Value Price: $15
Regular Price: $20

Members Free
Regular Price: $5 drop-in; 12-visit punch card $50

Shallow Water
A perfect option for those who want low impact workout to improve fitness level. Classes include a cardiovascular workout challenged by the resistance of the water.  
Mo/We/Fr     9:00am-10:00am

Deep Water
Are you looking for a new challenge? Do your joints need a break? Deep Water Aquafit is the class for you. This program is held in the deep water of the Belzberg pool. Participants wear buoyancy belts.     
Tu/Th      9:00am-10:00am  

Evening Aquafit  
A challenging workout offering an extended cardiovascular session plus strength and flexibility training. The unique format of 30 min in shallow water, and 30 min in deep water has something to offer for everyone!
Tu     6:00-7:00pm

Water Works   
For people with mild rheumatic disease, minimal joint involvement or those who have been recommended by a physician or physiotherapist. Must be able to stand or walk for 15 minutes without excessive pain, fatigue or shortness of breath.  Taught by Arthritis Society certified instructors. Supervising instructor: Melanie Galloway.     
Tu/Th mornings  9:55am - 10:40am
Tu/Th mornings  10:45am - 11:30am
Mo/Th evenings 7:00pm -7:45pm
Members Free
Regular Price: $5 drop-in; 12-visit punch card $50

Aquatic Rehabilitaion     
Designed for people who have had a C.V.A., stroke or brain injury, those with M.S. or requiring adaptive fitness. Wendy will take you through exercises in the pool followed by stretches.  Experience the results: Improved circulation, strength and flexibility, confidence in movement. Participants requiring assistance need to bring a volunteer, who may enter free. Instructor: Wendy Wortsman  
We 10:30am-11:30am
Members Free
Regular Price: $5 drop-in; 12-visit punch card $50