Envisioning Women  
A selection of visual art based on JCC Festival Ha’Rikud

May 1-25, 2014

Artist: Carly Belzberg
Title: “Eve”
Size: 16”x 32”
Medium: mixed media
Price: $475

Artist: Suzy Birstein
Title: "African Queen" from series "Tap to the Muse"
Size: 78" x 20"
Medium: ceramic/mixed media surfaced with under glazes, glazes, lustres, patinas, acrylics
Price: $8,000

Artist: Meghan Carich
Title: "The Warrior Within"
Medium: leather, oil, acrylic, stain, agate and rafia
Price: $2,800

Artist: Avie Estrin
Title: "Merchant Woman, Beersheba"
Printed: on archival photo paper
Mounting: acid-free foam core backing, triple mat, non-glare gallery glass
Photo: 50 ISO, f/3.5 (no flash)
Price (framed): $450

Artist: Monica Gewurz
Title: "Rachel Imeinu"
Size: 20" x 16"
Medium: mixed media
Price: $385

Artist: Nancy Henderson
Title: “SK8R Grrrl 1”
Size: 17” x 11”
Medium: graphite, water colour pencil, ribbon, felt on paper
Price: $640 (framed)

Artist: Lori-Ann Latremouille
Title: "Emerging"
Size: 35” x 29”
Medium: mixed media

Artist: Linda Lewis
Title: "Hints"
Medium: clay
Price: $30 each

Artist: Lauren Morris
Title: "Illumination"
Size: 40" x 40"
Medium: acrylic
Price: $1200

Artist: Allison Musial
Title: "Dusguised but Not Forgotten"
Size: 36" x 24"
Medium: oil on canvas
Price: $1200

Artist: Chidi Okoye
Title: "Fatima"
Size: 30" x 24"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Price: $2500

Artist: Kathryn O'Regan
Title: "Warp and Weft" Karen Tribe Weaver, Thailand
Size: 18" x 25"
Medium: photograph
Price: $575

Artist: Jazmin Sasky
Title: "The Red Tent"
Size: 60" x 40"
Medium: mixed media
Price: $3400

Artist: Frantisek Strouhal
Title: "Return to the Origin"
Size: 24” x 20”
Framed: 35.1” x 31.5”
Medium: work on paper/lithography inks
Price: $3200

Artist: Vladimira Fillion Wackenreuther
Title: Miriam Hand
Size : 8.5" x 6"
Medium: weaving
Price: $400

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