The Fentanyl Crisis: How it Affects Our Teens


Thursday, April 4, 7:30-9:00 pm
JCC Wosk Auditorium

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Dr. Alana Hirsh, a physician who specializes in addiction treatment will address the power and effect of fentanyl and other drugs.    About…

Lee Gangbar, a Registered Nurse who work both at St. Paul’s Emergency department and often with people as on outreach nurse, will talk about how easy it is for teens to access drugs, what motivates them to venture down this road

Anne Andrew, a parenting coach will discuss how to talk with teens to promote open and honest conversations. About…

This evening program includes a panel discussion on the affects of illicit drugs, specifically Fentanyl, how teens can easily access drugs and how parents and adults can open the conversation to bridge the gap that often exists. There will be a question and answer period to follow the panel discussion.

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Presented in partnership with Jewish Addiction Community Service