Upcoming BBYO Events

Join teens from across Vancouver in our first ever J-Serve! This year we are working with The Walking School Bus to learn more about their charity. We will be participating in the following events:

April 28 BBYO will have the awesome opportunity for you to RIDE, raise money and have fun doing it! Sign up HERE or contact bbyoteens@jccgv.bc.ca to learn how to donate.

Bring old friends and make new ones! Come to the J for a night of fun.
Sat May 4 at 9:00pm
$10  Register


  • Chapter Shabbats
  • BBG @ 75 Celebrations & much more.

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Contact Grace, BBYO City Director and JCC Teen Coordinator at bbyoteens@jccgv.bc.ca

Teen Programs

NEW Babysitting Club

For graduates of the JCC Babysitting/Home Alone Skills course. Our goal is to match babysitters with families in the community. The JCC will provide mentoring and connect you to your first job.
Contact Mirella Portenoy 604.257.5111 ext. 331; mirella@jccgv.bc.ca

Babysitting /Home Alone Skills

Taught by Community Care First Aid, this course is for babysitters and for those wanting to learn skills to be more comfortable staying home alone. NOTE: The lunch break is unsupervised; we encourage all participants to stay in the JCC. A note is required for kids to leave at lunch time.
SU    10:00am-5:00pm   May 5   M$65/R$82     # 3203
SU    10:00am-5:00pm  Jun 16   M$65/R$82     # 3205

Street Smarts

This program empowers and educates youth on how to safely navigate Greater Vancouver on their own.

Teens ages 14-16 SU 1:30-4:30pm
May 19 NO PHONE, NO PROBLEM   # T3706
May 26 KNOWING YOUR CITY   # T3707
June 2 Independence 101   # T3708
Per class: M$36/ R$45
3-class combo M$90/ R$120   # T3709

Israeli Teens

Ofek (Horizon)  
An educational program for Jewish-Israeli youth (ages 12-15) to connect to their peers and to engage with Jewish and Israeli content.
Visit the Israeli Culture page for details…


Teen Fitness Orientation 
Youth 13-15 are welcome to use the weightroom after attending a 2-session orientation. Parent must complete a consent form. Free for members. Contact the Fitness Centre.

Youth Small Group Personal Training     
(11+ years) 

More info here

Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga Self Defense

More info here