Pre K - Kindergarten

NEW Club Kef (Fun)


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Ages 3-5

Monday to Thursday
Club Kef is a safe, fun environment where children learn, discover and explore. Gym and enrichment activities included. Children can be picked up from Bet Preschool. Ratio 1 staff to 8 kids.

Stimulate imagination & verbalization through role-playing.
Mo 12:30-2:20pm #3080   Register
Sep 23 – Dec 16 9 classes
Member $135 / Regular $185

Experiment and create.
Tu 12:30-2:20pm #3081   Register
Sep 17 – Dec 17 11 classes
Member $165 / Regular $225

Refine motor skills and exercise.
We 12:30-2:20pm #3082  Register
Sep 18 – Dec 18 13 classes
Member $195 / Regular $265

Increase sensory development through music.
Th 12:30-2:20pm #3083   Register
Sep 19 – Dec 19 14 classes
Member $210 / Regular $285


Mixed Media Creative Studio  3-5 yrs
Children will experiment with a variety of materials such as pastel, charcoal, collage, paint, stamping, and more! Each class is dedicated to a different project, and participants have the opportunity to expand their imagination and to express themselves a friendly environment.
Instructor Mariana Frochtengarten is a textile artist, art teacher and Expressive Arts Therapist with over twenty years of experience.
Tu    3:00-3:50pm   #3033  Register
Sep 17 – Dec 17 10 classes
Member $120 / Regular $155


Our experienced coaches create a supportive, non-competitive environment that emphasizes teamwork and builds confidence.
Pick-up from JCC Daycare available for 3:00pm programs.

Sportball Extended  3-5 yrs
Refine, rehearse, repeat. Children learn basic skills, such as balance, coordination, stamina and timing. Each class focuses on one of eight popular sports: hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and tennis.
Mo 1:00-2:30pm   #3025   Register
Sep 16 – Dec 16  10 classes

Floor Hockey  3-5 yrs
The ball drops here! Program introduces fundamental concepts of gameplay and teaches the basic skills required to face-off with confidence. Children learn passing, shooting, positioning, stick handling, and goal tending in fun, skill-focused play.
Mo 3:00-3:40pm   #3026   Register
Sep 16 – Dec 16  10 classes

Soccer  4-6 yrs
Kickstart your afternoon! Programs introduce the concepts of gameplay and teach the basic skills required to bend it like Beckham. Children learn throw-ins, dribbling, trapping and passing in exciting, skill-focused games.
3-4 yrs   Th 3:00-3:40pm  #3028  Register
4-6 yrs  Th 3:45-4:30pm   #3029  Register

Sep 12 – Dec 19  15 classes