Pre K - Kindergarten

NEW Art with Mariana

Instructor Mariana Frochtengarten is a textile artist, art teacher and Expressive Arts Therapist with over twenty years of experience. She teaches textile art and mixed media throughout Vancouver and Burnaby. Mariana is a strong believer in the power of imagination and the freedom of creation.

Great Masters  Pre K
Learn about artists from around the world that made significant contributions to Art History, and create mixed media projects based on these artists. We will explore their work and make connections between their art and the context where/when they lived, as well as the social and personal circumstances under which they were created. Each class will be dedicated to one artist and one art project. Different media each week, including painting, pastel, collage, stamping and more.
Tu    3:00-3:45pm     3033
Apr 30 – Jun 18    8 classes


Sportball Floor Hockey

Join the most popular sport in town. Learn the skills and play with friends.
Ages 3-4
Mo     3:00-3:40pm     3026

Ages 4-6  
Mo    3:45-4:30pm     3027

Apr 1 – Jun 17     8 classes


Sportball Soccer

Ages 3-4
Th     3:00-3:40pm     3028

Ages 4-6  
Th    3:45-4:30pm     3029

Apr 4 – Jun 20   10 classes