Children and Youth

Where do children go after school? To the J, of course! Quality programs and instructors, and a safe place to connect with friends.

School Bus Transportation from VTT to the JCC

Club J After School Care teachers will meet children at VTT and supervise them before and during the bus ride back to the JCC.

  • If you require a space on the bus for the full school year or have any questions, please contact Denise Scharen  at 604-257-5111 ext 404.
  • For one time drop in space on the bus, please contact Denise to check for availability before noon on the day you require it.
  • All seats on the bus are subject to availability.
  • Registration is required.
  • Priority is for children registered in recreational classes at the JCC.
  • This service is NOT for children registered in Club J.

SCHOOL BUS FROM VTT: September to December

Sep 12-Dec 12 (10 trips)
$32.50 – F5391AC  Register
Sep 13-Dec 13 (10 trips)
$32.50  –  F5392AC  Register
Sep 14-Dec 14 (13 trips)
$42.25 – F5393AC  Register
Sep 15-Dec 15 (14 trips)
$45.50 – F5394AC  Register
Sep 16-Dec 16 (10 trips)
$32.50 – F5395AC  Register

*Children not registered in Club J will be unsupervised once they arrive at the JCC.

Please read Guidelines for Children & Youth in Afterschool Programs