JCC Protocols for Children & Youth in Afterschool Programs

  • Only children registered for afterschool programs will be allowed in the building.
  • Children & Youth will be screened upon entering the JCC building and asked to wash their hands
  • Parents will not be allowed in the building at this time (please drop off and pick up at the JCC front door)
  • NEW Parents please make sure to be in contact your program coordinator if your child will be waiting before or in between classes
  • There will be no public hang out spaces available to clients of the JCC.
  • Program instructors will meet participants at the designated class room or at the JCC Library (Safe space) and escort them if necessary to the JCC door after the program is over.
    The JCC Waldam  library has been designated a safe supervised waiting space and will be available for children coming by school bus or being dropped off, Monday to Thursday 3:00- 5:00pm
  • Parents or guardians must pick up after the program  A late fee will be charged to those who do not pick up on time.
  • Registered participants will be contacted by program coordinators with all important information and JCC safety protocols.

For children and youth arriving to the JCC by school bus

  • Please pick up your child at the JCC parking lot unless your child is registered for club J or any JCC afterschool program.
  • Children will be escorted by JCC staff to the JCC Waldman Library, a safe waiting space available only to those registered in afternoon programs.
  • If your child’s program starts after 5:00pm we ask that you register for Club J. Please contact Denise clubj@jccgv.bc.ca to find a spot.


Prior to Lessons:

  • All Lesson participants should arrive or be dropped off at the J sooner than 15 minutes prior to their lesson time. (Accommodation for children who arrive via bus from VTT etc. will be provided, please see above)
  • To reduce the number of people in the building, parents of children in Swim Kids levels 5-10 will not be able to accompany their children inside the J to watch.
  • Children registered in Swim Kids levels 1-4, or a preschool private lesson should arrive at the same time as a parent or caregiver that is prepared to go in the water and provide hands-on assistance during the lesson.
  • All swimmers should arrive already dressed in their swimsuits to limit the time needed in the changeroom BEFORE the lesson
  • All swimmers MUST take a cleansing shower for 1 minute prior to the lesson
  • Lockers will be unavailable. All personal belongings must be brought onto the pool deck (individual laundry baskets will be provided to keep belongings contained)

After Lessons:

  • Access to the showers and change rooms will be unavailable AFTER the lessons.
  • Class participants will be given 10 minutes to dry off on the deck. Please bring a warm robe, extra towel, or oversized clothing to put on over swimsuit.
  • Exiting the pool area will be through the east doors, and back up through the J.