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“The Chai Quilt”

By appointment until  May 14
The JCC Festival of Israeli Culture is celebrating life this year – Chai in Hebrew. The gallery is joining the celebration by asking members of our community to take a textile square and create your own celebration of life on it. The squares will be hung together on the walls of the gallery, creating a Chai Quilt that embraces the fact that, despite how challenging things can be sometimes, we are all always full of life.

The Chai Quilt is on the walls of the gallery! Come see the work of over 80 members of our community, amateur and professional, who took textile squares provided by the gallery and made original work out of them.

When so much of our lives still don’t resemble the lives we know, the Chai Quilt is a reminder that life is still full, still beautiful, and still always worth celebrating.

Viewings are by appointment only. Please email to set up yours.

Virtual tour available here

“Tsipora” – Suzy Birstein

May 19 – June 27

Tsipora, Suzy Birstein’s Hebrew name, means “bird” in English. The “Tsipora” sculptures and paintings were begun in 2019, focusing on freedom, flights of fancy, and adventure. As 2020 arrived and brought with it the quiet isolation of COVID, the pieces became more focused on nesting and stability.

“Tsipora” will explore both sides of this duality – flying and grounding, exploring and nesting – a dichotomy all of us understand in these very particular times.

Image: “Tsipora: Unicorn & Sunflower”

Call for Entry for CHOSEN FAMILY Group Art Exhibition

“When someone has rejection from their mother and father, their family, they — when they get out in the world — they search. They search for someone to fill that void. I know this for experience because I’ve had kids come to me and latch hold of me like I’m their mother or like I’m their father, ‘cause they can talk to me and I’m gay and they’re gay. And that’s where a lot of that boldness and the mother business comes in. Because their real parents give them such a hard way to go, they look up to me to fill that void.” 

— Pepper LaBeija, in “Paris is Burning” (Documentary, 1990)


The Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery at the JCC of Greater Vancouver and JQ TVancouver invite LGBTQ2+ Jewish creatives and their chosen family members to submit original works for art for an upcoming group exhibition entitled CHOSEN FAMILY.

We prompt creatives to share and our communities to celebrate pluralistic ideas of families; shared intimacy, community, honouring ourselves, exploring our cultures, identities; vulnerable connection, finding the strength through kinship to transcend borders of race, (dis)ability, class, gender, religion, citizenship, and blood; and more….  Read more   


Gallery exhibits
If you are a professional artist and are interested in applying for a solo or group show, please contact Gallery Director at The Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery’s mandate is to exhibit visual art (drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media) by professional visual artists in the Jewish community and/or art with a Jewish theme.

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COPYRIGHT: Each artist owns the copyright in his/her respective images. These images may not be copied, modified, duplicated or used in any way without the express prior written consent of the artist.