The Spirit of Cloud, The Spirit of River

Carly Belzberg

Opening Reception
Th July 5, 7:00-9:00pm
Artist in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to August 3

This body of work explores the fleeting expressions, flowing movements and the underlying spirit of clouds and rivers. The dynamic stream of life unfolds and changes continuously within the surrounding world as well as within ourselves. Transformation, which can be perceived in many ways, speaks of things becoming less or more, moving in one direction or another, expanding or contracting, or having one quality emphasized over another. Our own experiences may also arise as fluid or meandering patterns, whirlpools or boundless flows all originating from a mysterious and dynamic source.

Illustration: “The Overflow”  20” x 20” acrylic on wood panel (detail)



Melanie Fogell and Frank Levine

Opening Reception
Th Aug 9, 7:00-9:00pm
Artists in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to August 31

Melanie Fogell has been exhibiting across Canada, since 1988. Her work has been viewed in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Gibsons. The theme of “celebration” can be seen in her use of very bright colours. Melanie explains, “I paint my feelings.”

I began experimenting with geometric images and incorporated these into my paintings, the result being a kind of abstract impressionism where the viewer is faced with a new mystery in trying to interpret my hidden messages.” – Frank Levine

Illustrations: LEFT: Melanie Fogell Oval Series #26, 30” x 40” acrylic, mixed media;  RIGHT: Frank Levine “Cello Cello Cello “ 22” x 28” acrylic on canvas

Divine Sparks

Divine Sparks

Barbara Heller

Opening Reception and Talk
Th Sept 6, 7:00-9:00pm
Artist in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to October 8

Barbara Heller draws on her travels and experiences, her Jewish heritage, her family photos, and the mystical side of world religions to present a personal iconography. Heller’s work reflects her concerns about our world – one fraught with inequities, beset by senseless violence in the name of a “greater good,” the environment, and our psychological isolation from one another. Barbara Heller is a passionate proponent of the art of tapestry, and has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally over the past forty years.

Illustration: “Falling Feathers” tapestry (detail)

Poetry Evening – Sep 26

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

Claudie Azoulai and Nicole Schouela

Opening Reception
Th Oct 11, 7:00-9:00pm
Artists in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to November 9

Nature’s changing palette, swelling with textures, tones and hues, provides a means of expression for two artists, Nicole Schouela and Claudie Azoulai.
Although diverse in their respective mediums, their messages coincide. Azoulai uses the ancient art of feltmaking, “nature instills a sense of well-being which I carry with me in my core as a fibre artist. With my palette of hand-dyed fleece, my sheep’s wool begins its journey of transformation from individual fibres to a cohesive richly textured fabric. ”

Schouela uses digital photographic deconstructions, “I find my reprieve through a relationship with nature – a daily conversation held in silence. It is a spiritual relationship, uncompromised and eternal. It nourishes and inspires as it gently prods me to think deeper about life and its meaning.”

Illustrations: LEFT: Claudie Azoulai “Flying Low” felt;  RIGHT: Nicole Schouela “Walkabout” digital media

Poetry Evening – Nov 1

A Whisper Across Time

A Whisper Across Time

In conjunction with the Jewish Book Festival
Olga Campbell

Opening Reception, Book Launch and Slide Show With Olga Campbell and Brian Hall-Stevenson
Th Nov 15, 7:00-9:00pm
Free admission
Exhibit continues to Dec 9

“A Whisper Across Time” is the story of one family’s experiences in the Holocaust. Olga Campbell tells a personal and moving story through prose, art and poetry, creating a multi-dimensional snapshot of family losses and intergenerational trauma. This is a story of remembering and healing. It is also a cautionary tale asking the reader to look at what is happening in the world today. Part memoir, part poetry, “A Whisper Across Time” will make you stop, feel and reflect.

Olga Campbell’s art includes photography, sculpture, mixed media painting, and digital photocollage. She is also the author of “Graffiti Alphabet.”

Illustrations: “Tania” 24” x 30” mixed media/acrylic (detail)

Poetry Evening – Dec 6


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