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“The Body Speaks:

Photographs by Derry Lubell

June 29 – August 1
Dance and photography speak to us without words – they use the language of feelings to connect directly to our hearts. Dancers share their emotions and experiences through their physical movement. Photography captures it and shows it to the world; together, dance and photography provide a universal language of the soul in motion.

“Chosen Family” – a collaboration between the Gallery and JQT Vancouver

August 3 – September 30

“When someone has rejection from their mother and father, their family, they — when they get out in the world — they search. They search for someone to fill that void. I know this for experience because I’ve had kids come to me and latch hold of me like I’m their mother or like I’m their father, ‘cause they can talk to me and I’m gay and they’re gay. And that’s where a lot of that boldness and the mother business comes in. Because their real parents give them such a hard way to go, they look up to me to fill that void.”
— Pepper LaBeija, in “Paris is Burning” (Documentary, 1990)

In this exhibition, we celebrate the pluralistic ideas of families; shared intimacy, community, honouring ourselves, exploring our cultures, identities; vulnerable connection, finding the strength through kinship to transcend borders of race, (dis)ability, class, gender, religion, citizenship, and blood; and more through art of any and all mediums and media.

The Gallery is Starting a Docent Program!

The Docent Program will be a group of trained volunteers who function as part time gallery docents. Those interested in being docents will be trained by the Gallery Director in late summer or early fall, and, once trained, will receive a briefing on all exhibits. Docents will average one four hour shift a week. A docent calendar will be managed by the Gallery Director. Email for more information, and to sign up to participate.


Gallery exhibits
If you are a professional artist and are interested in applying for a solo or group show, please contact Gallery Director at The Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery’s mandate is to exhibit visual art (drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media) by professional visual artists in the Jewish community and/or art with a Jewish theme.

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