A Whisper Across Time

A Whisper Across Time

Co-presented with the Jewish Book Festival
Olga Campbell

Opening Reception, Book Launch and Slide Show With Olga Campbell and Brian Hall-Stevenson
Th Nov 15, 7:00-9:00pm
Free admission
Exhibit continues to Dec 9

“A Whisper Across Time” is the story of one family’s experiences in the Holocaust. Olga Campbell tells a personal and moving story through prose, art and poetry, creating a multi-dimensional snapshot of family losses and intergenerational trauma. This is a story of remembering and healing. It is also a cautionary tale asking the reader to look at what is happening in the world today. Part memoir, part poetry, “A Whisper Across Time” will make you stop, feel and reflect.

Olga Campbell’s art includes photography, sculpture, mixed media painting, and digital photocollage. She is also the author of “Graffiti Alphabet.”

Illustration: “Tania” 24” x 30” mixed media/acrylic (detail)


Corridor of Memories

Poetry Evening – Dec 6  7:00-9:00pm
Inspired by A Whisper Across Time

HOST: Angela Rebec
POETS: Bonnie Nish, Leanne Boschman, Fran Bourassa, Natasha Boskic, Mariner Janes, Alana Clohessy, Stephan Karr
MUSICIAN: Sharon McIntee Birrell, voice

There will be an open mic time when members of the audience will be given an opportunity to write and then read poems they have written that relate to the exhibition.

Presented by the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in collaboration with Pandora’s Collective and the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library. Made possible by the Yosef Wosk Poetry Initiative Grant.

Illustration (detail): “Corridor of Memories” new media 19 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ by Olga Campbell

Yellow Balloon

PhotoClub Vancouver
Members’ Exhibition 2018

Opening Reception
Th Dec 13, 7:00-9:00pm
Artists in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to January 11

PhotoClub Vancouver is a group of amateur and professional photographers who meet to develop skills in capturing and editing photographic images so as to better convey individual artistic visions. The exhibit includes colour and black and white photographs selected from members’ submissions by jurors external to the club. There are no restrictions on theme, subject matter or techniques. This year’s selections include images from a variety of genres including landscape, nature, portrait, still life, street and abstract. Viewers will have an opportunity to reflect on what is expressed in a collection of well-crafted images that illustrate a diversity of visions and in some cases push the boundaries of the medium.

Photograph (detail): Selected Publicity Image “Yellow Balloon” by Ivor Levin, 10”x10”, Inkjet photographic print


Community Longing and Belonging

In celebration of Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

Opening Reception Tu Jan 15, 7:00-9:00pm
Artists in attendance | Free admission Exhibit dates: January 14-27, 2019
Themed art show: How do we make meaning of the concept of community, the real and the imagined spaces we inhabit? What does community longing look like and what are the
possibilities for belonging in an ever changing world.

Illustration (detail): “Cute-Cul-De-Sac” by Margaux Wosk, 12”x16”, mixed media, paint markers

Dance of the Orchids 2

In Partnership with Nature

Sidi Schaffer

Opening Reception
Th Jan 31, 7:00-9:00pm
Artist in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to Marh 3

Nature is my biggest inspiration. God gave us a beautiful garden and we have to open our eyes to fully see the wonder of it all. Since I was a young girl I liked to dry flowers and leaves between pages of old books. A few years ago I started to work in mixed media and decided to incorporate them in my paintings or prints. Last year I brought them out to light. They are so fragile in their beauty, some transparent with all their veins exposed, their core beauty maintained. Giving them a new life gives me much joy. The works are in acrylic, water colors, encaustic (acrylic / bee wax) prints, mixed media and photography.

Illustration (detail): “The Dance of the Orchids 2” by Sidi Schaffer, 10”x10” mixed media

Poetry Evening – Th Feb 21

Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths

Melenie Fleischer, Michael Shumiatcher, Eric Wilson, a group of Dene Artists

Opening Reception
Th Mar 7, 7:00-9:00pm
Experience the melding of two rich cultural traditions with performance of “Dehcho” by Eric Wilson
Artists in attendance | Free admission
Exhibit continues to April 7

A collaboration between a group of Jewish artists from Vancouver and the artists and musicians from the Liidlii Kue First Nation from Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.
Eric Wilson performed a musical work that combined the cello with the traditional Dene caribou skin drums. Painters Melenie Fleischer and Michael Shumiatcher found inspiration in the Celebrations of the Dene people. A group of Dene artists have reciprocated creating art that celebrates their traditional life: birch bark baskets, moose hair tufting and beaded moccasins.

Photograph (detail): Eric Wilson playing cello beside Sambaa Deh River


Poetry Evening – Th Mar 21


Gallery exhibits
If you are a professional artist and are interested in applying for a solo or group show, please contact Gallery Director at The Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery’s mandate is to exhibit visual art (drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media) by professional visual artists in the Jewish community and/or art with a Jewish theme.

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