Swim Club

JCC Swim Club

age 7-16   
Improve strokes, swim skills and fitness while learning competitive swimming. Participants registered in the winter session (Jan-Mar) do not need to re-register for spring session. For more info contact Calen: headguard@jccgv.bc.ca

BRONZE        TU    4:15-5:00pm   Oct 9 – Dec 18     M$154/R$187
BRONZE        TH    4:15-5:00pm   Sep 20 – Dec 20    M$196/R$238
SILVER        TU    5:00-6:00pm    Oct 9 – Dec 18    M$187/R$209
SILVER        TH    5:00-6:00pm    Sep 20 – Dec 20      M$238/R$266
GOLD        TU/TH    5:00-6:00pm    Oct 9 – Dec 20   M$362/R$404