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Summer Classes – Children & Youth

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Preschool Learn to Swim

(Ages: 3-5)


Swimmer Lessons

(Ages: 6+)



JCC has transitioned from the Red Cross Swim Kids to the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life classes for our learn-to-swim programming.

Preschool Levels

(Ages: 3-5 )

An introductory un-parented level focusing on comfort and safe exploration of the water. To complete the level children will be comfortable with submerging their face, blowing bubbles, back floats and glides with assistance.
By the end of this beginner level swimmers will successfully float and glide on their front and back without assistance. As well, they should be able to swim 3m independently.
Gaining further independence by working on unassisted roll-over glides, side glides, as well as increasing the distance beyond 3m for unassisted swimming.
Working on deep water skills such as safe surface support and an introduction to diving. Coordination is further challenged in this level by practicing front / back / side glide combinations, and swimming 5m unassisted.
Children are preparing to join the Swim Kids levels. Basic recognition and rescue skills are introduced. Swimmers perfect their glide combinations over greater distances, as well as practice putting all the skills together in front crawl stroke over 10m.

Swimmer Levels

Ages 6+
JCC has transitioned from the Red Cross Swim Kids to the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life classes for our learn-to-swim programming.

Register for Swimmer 1 if previously in SK1
Age 6-12 years and just beginning lessons, or previously in Swim Kid 1.

Register for Swimmer 2 if previously in SK2
Can jump into chest-deep water by themselves and into deep-water wearing a lifejacket; open eyes, hold breath, and exhale underwater; float, kick and glide on front and back.

Register for Swimmer 3 if previously in SK3
Swimmers increase their distance on front and back glide with flutter kick, perform flutter kick unassisted, wear a PFD in deep water, float in deep water, and swim 15 metres continuously.

Register for Swimmer 4 if previously in SK4/5
Work on front and back crawl (15m) and tread water for 30sec, perform kneeling dives and somersaults, introducing whip kick on the back.

Register for Swimmer 5 if previously in SK6
Can complete the Canadian Swim to Survive Standard: roll – tread (1 min) – swim (50 m); dive; swim underwater; 15m whip kick on front; breaststroke arms with breathing; and swim front and back crawl 25m.

Register for Swimmer 6 if previously in SK7/8
Learn to do shallow dives, eggbeater and scissor kick; swim 50m front and back crawl; breaststroke for 25m; sprint 25m; stride entries and compact jumps; legs only surface support for 45 sec. Interval training 4 x 50m.

Register for Swim Club Bronze if previously in SK9/10 (recommended)
Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl, breaststroke, and introduce butterfly. Fundamentals of competitive swimming are introduced including reading a pace clock and flip-turns.

Swim Lessons Scholarships

Through the Cathy Narod Water Safety Initiative a limited amount of scholarships will be available to help remove barriers for families whose children might not otherwise be able to participate.
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