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this summer term (May-August).

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Monica FranzMeanings in Life: An Inquiry
Instructor: Monica Franz – LIB206-JCC
Tu 10:00–11:50am
May 26–Jun 30

A sense of meaning contributes to the quality of our lives, the more so as we age. Drawing on philosophy, poetry, art and mythology, we’ll reflect on the big questions: Does my life have meaning? How do we know what is meaningful? How has meaning evolved over my life?

Monica Franz, MA, has taught at the Justice Institute of B.C. and City University of Seattle’s Vancouver campus. She is a clinical supervisor whose research specialization is professional and personal resilience.

Lealle RuhlEmerging Issues in International Relations
Instructor: Lealle Ruhl – LIB207-JCC
Tu 12:00–1:50pm
May 26–Jun 30

Unique challenges are unsettling the ‘liberal world order’ that has dominated international relations since the mid-20th century. We’ll explore five crisis areas: drones and autonomous weapons; non-state violence; transnational disease outbreaks; information warfare; and climate transformation.

Lealle Ruhl, PhD, has a degree in social and political thought from York University. Her interests include international relations, political theory, social philosophy, legal theory and criticism, and feminist theory.

Calla PowerArt as Transformation
Instructor: Calla Power – LIB208-JCC
We 6:30–8:20pm
May 6–June 3

In whatever media—dance, paint or clay—art is transformative, and it can transform or surprise artist and audience. We’ll see what forces have shaped examples of world art today, and you’ll work hands-on with various materials to explore how your own artistic expression can be transformative.

Calla Power, BFA, has a certificate in expressive arts therapy from Langara College. She works as an expressive arts therapist with seniors, refugee children and youth.

Jean KaresAncient Cloth to Groovy Threads: A Survey of Tie-Dyed Textiles
Instructor: Jean Kares – LIB209-JCC
Th 10:00–11:50am
May 14–June 18

“Tie dyeing” fabric was widely practiced long before hippies of the 1960s adopted it. We’ll explore tie-dye’s worldwide history and deceptively simple techniques. Along the way, we’ll discuss the human urge to make patterns in order to create aesthetically satisfying products.

Jean Kares, MFA, is a textile specialist, artist and writer. She has a BA in studio art and an MFA in art history (with a focus on China).

Barry MagrillFakes, Forgeries and Frauds in Art History
Instructor: Barry Magrill – LIB176-JCC
Th 6:30–8:20pm
May 14–June 18

How do experts distinguish authentic art from fakes? We’ll visit the grittier side of the art market, and we’ll play detective with some actual art objects, learning simple techniques for creating fakes ourselves. Learn how to identify major art periods and the strategies used to fool the experts.

Barry Magrill, PhD, has over the past decade taught art, art history and architecture at universities in the Lower Mainland. Also a painter, he is working on a series of 17th-century “fakes.”