Hebrew Classes


Streamed live to your home. Zoom link will be sent upon registration.

Modern Hebrew

To find out what level is right for you please email: israel@jccgv.bc.ca

Expand your conversational skills and vocabulary as you start to read short stories. This course builds on the present tense and introduces the past tense. Prerequisite: Hebrew beginners or equivalent.
Instructor: Liora Bukofzer
Tuesday 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Jul 6-Aug 31 (9 Classes)
Virtual – K1951SH-V
M $198.00 / R $216.00 Register

Reading and conversation conducted entirely in Hebrew. Focus on advanced vocabulary and fluency. Prerequisite: Bet or equivalent.
Instructor: Rahel Halabe
Thursday 9:30 – 11:30am
Jul 8-Sep 2 (9 Classes)
Virtual – K1952SH-V
M $198.00 / R $216.00 Register

Biblical Hebrew

Streamed live to your home. Zoom link will be sent upon registration.

Instructor: Rahel Halabe

Acquire effective tools to help you understand and be inspired by the biblical text in its original Hebrew.
The JCC offers Biblical Hebrew courses based on Rahel Halabe’s Hinneh program. This program is semi academic, rigorous and practical, serious but friendly at the same time. Vocabulary and grammar are demonstrated through many short biblical passages, thus facilitating independent reading and interpretation of straightforward texts. Courses require a few hours of homework per week to allow good absorption of the material.
Please e-mail or call Rahel with your questions and for assessment of your level. 604 879 2677   rahelhalabe@gmail.com

Prerequisite: ability to comfortably read Hebrew with vowels (not necessarily with understanding).

Books required:

Please note: The Hinneh textbook can be purchased in either its printed or E-Book edition
If you choose the printed edition, check with us if we have copies available for sale.

If you choose the E-Book, make sure your operating system can support the Magnes App.

Not offered during the summer.