Hebrew Classes

to find out what level is right for you please contact Ayelet: israel@jccgv.bc.ca

Summer Mini Ulpan


Learn your basic everyday vocabulary, Conjugate (up to 30) verbs in the Present Tense & infinitive and use them all in a conversation. You should consider the course as an effective intensive introduction or review to the Aleph level, depending on your background.
Instructor: Rahel Halabe

Mo-Fr   9:30am – 2:30pm
Aug 19 – Aug 23    5 classes      M$274/R$299  1920   Register


Enrich your vocabulary. Learn grammar in a friendly way to be able to use the different stems (binyanim) and the past tense.Gain confidence to speak, and to read more than a textbook.
Instructor: Rahel Halabe

Mo-Fr   9:30am – 2:30pm
Aug 26 – Aug 30    5 classes      M$274/R$299  1921   Register

Modern Hebrew

Start speaking Hebrew! Learn the foundations of Hebrew literacy and pronunciation. Designed for those with no Hebrew background or those who want to refresh their basic Hebrew skills. Learn to read and write the aleph-bet with vowels, compose simple sentences, count, and greet someone. Space is limited!
Instructor: Tali Keselman
Tu    7:00-9:00pm
Apr 9-Jun 25  11 classes    M$264/R$280 1901

Expand your Hebrew conversational skills! Review your aleph-bet and expand your basic vocabulary as you start to read short stories.  This course builds on the present tense and introduces the past tense. Prerequisite: Hebrew Intro or equivalent.
Instructor: Tali Keselman
Th  7:00-9:00pm
Apr 4-Jun 20   11 classes     M$264/R$280  1902

Start reading without vowels and describing things using adjectives. Learn to talk and write about family, order from a restaurant menu, and tell a story in the past tense or present tense. Prerequisite: Hebrew Aleph 1 Plus or equivalent.
Instructor: Tali Keselman
Mo  7:00-9:00pm
Apr 8- Jun 24  10 classes     M$240/R$255  1903

Apply your improved grammar and vocabulary in writing assignments and oral expression. Prerequisite: Aleph 2 or equivalent.
Instructor: Ilana Shapira
Tu   7:00-9:00pm
Apr 9- Jun 25   11 classes     M$264/R$280  1904

Gain better understanding of grammar; improve your reading, speaking and writing. Prerequisite: Aleph 3 or equivalent.
Instructor: Tali Keselman
Tu    7:00-9:00pm
Apr 9 – Jun 25 11classes      M$264/R$280  1905

Go in-depth! Improve your Hebrew grammar and learn new verbs integrated with new topics, varied texts, articles, and advanced grammar exercises.  Prerequisite: Aleph 4 or equivalent.
Instructor: Rahel Halabe
Th    7:00-9:00pm
Apr 4 – Jun 27   12 classes     M$288/R$306  1906

Reading and conversation conducted entirely in Hebrew. Focus on advanced vocabulary and fluency. Prerequisite: Bet or equivalent.
Instructor: Rahel Halabe
Th    9:30-11:30am
Apr 4 – Jun 20 11 classes     M$264/R$280  1907

Biblical Hebrew

Instructors: Rahel Halabe and Ryan Blackwelder

Acquire effective tools to help you understand and be inspired by the biblical text in its original Hebrew.

The JCC offers Biblical Hebrew courses based on Rahel Halabe’s Hinneh textbook. The Hinneh program is semi academic, rigorous and practical, serious but friendly at the same time. Vocabulary and grammar are demonstrated through short, original biblical passages, facilitating independent reading in the actual text. Courses require a few hours of homework per week to allow good absorption of the material.

Please e-mail or call Rahel with your questions and for assessment of your level. 604 879 2677  rahelhalabe@gmail.com


Acquire effective tools to help you understand and be inspired by the biblical text in its original Hebrew.Learn the basics including verbless sentences, and frequently occurring vocabulary. Detect pronominal prefixes and suffixes and making sense of them.Prerequisite: Reading Hebrew well (with little or no comprehension).
Mo    7:00-9:00pm
Apr 8 – Jun 24 10 classes      M$240/R$255  1908


Learn about the Biblical Hebrew verb system, the major player in the biblical text, with all its complexities. Gain access to richer and more interesting biblical texts. Prerequisite: Level 1 or equivalent.
Th    6:00-8:00pm
Apr 4 – Jun 20 11 classes      M$264/R$280  1909