NEW! SOCATOTS – for parents and tots 6mo+

SOCATOTS is a unique program that encourages children to enjoy physical activity. They socialise with other children, learn to share and cooperate, strengthen their emotional bond with parents, and develop ball and general fitness skills.

Children ages 6 months – 12 months (walking)
Children crawl and move around, using appropriate equipment. Easy exercises develop balance and coordination. Playing and fun activities stimulate social skills, communication, counting basics, language and physical development.

Children ages 12 months (walking) – 36 months
Children further develop coordination, balance and agility, and gain better ball control skills on the ground and in the air.


6-12 months                       Mo 10:00-10:30am            #3008AM
12- 36 months                   Mo 10:35-11:20am             #3009AM
Jan 21 – Mar 11 (7 classes, no class FEB 18)
Member $105/ Regular $130

Jan 14 FREE Demo Class


6-12 months                       Th 2:30-3:00pm                 #3008PM
12- 36 months                   Th 3:15-4:00pm                 #3008PM
Jan 24 – Mar 14 (8 classes)
Member $120/ Regular $148

Jan 17 FREE Demo Class